Forklifts Brookvale

Forklifts Brookvale


Do You Need to Hire a Forklift in Brookvale?

Are you looking to hire or rent forklifts in Brookvale and the Northern Beaches in Sydney? You’ve come to the right place!
We have a full range of new and used high-quality forklifts and lifting equipment in excellent working condition. We have pallet trucks, high-reach forklifts, and scissor lift equipment capable of handling heights up to 10 meters.
You can automate lifting, stacking, and stock moving in your warehouse with our equipment. Whether you need one forklift or an entire fleet, we’ve got you covered.

Forklifts for Hire or Sale

Our forklifts and lifters are available for sale or hire. As an independent business, we provide access to top brands and models.
Whether you want to rent or buy forklifts in Brookvale, you can choose from our expansive inventory. We have LPG/Diesel and electric-powered models for all your light and heavy-duty needs.
Our equipment is available for short- or long-term rentals. We arrange site visits to assist you in making the best equipment decision for your needs.
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Customised Repair Services

We also provide customised, on-location repair services, using the latest digital equipment and advanced repair tools to fix identified problems. Our staff is qualified and certified to perform forklift repairs effectively and correctly.  
Our expert technicians have extensive hands-on knowledge and skills to repair problems with popular forklift models and brands. We adhere to and keenly follow manufacturer specifications.
Our staff is detail-focused and customer-centred. We’ll meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
If you live near Brookvale, contact our team at Mars Forklifts today for your forklift and lifting needs at 1300 736 231.

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