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If you’re looking for one of Sydney’s leading electric forklift hire companies, look no further than Mars Forklifts! We provide state-of-the-art electric forklifts for hire in Sydney. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are constantly expanding and have surpassed all expectations since the beginning

Electric forklifts are an essential piece of equipment for any industry or company. They make loading and unloading of materials safe and simple – lowering the risk of any accidents. Each electric forklift that’s available for rental is constructed using quality materials that are highly durable. They are also fitted with cutting edge safety features that are designed to keep users safe while operating them – making them perfect for warehouses where heavy lifting is inevitable.

If you are looking for the best electric forklifts, we’re sure to have one just right for you. Explore our range of small electric forklifts today and see how they can boost productivity and efficiency on your site.

Why Choose Us for Electric Forklift Hire in Sydney?

  • Friendly Staff – All our team members are professional and helpful; they provide excellent customer service 24/7.
  • Reliability – When you choose Mars Forklifts for forklift hire in Sydney, you can rest assured that our machines will run smoothly all day long – meaning less downtime for your company or warehouse.
  • Quality You Can Trust – All our forklifts are thoroughly checked before hiring them out. We also offer comprehensive inspection services to ensure they are always reliable.
  • Save On Cost – Forget about costly hire costs when renting small electric forklifts from Mars Forklifts. We offer a range of competitively priced new or used forklifts, so our electric forklift hire service is sure to find something within your budget. Our prices are unbeatable, so it makes sense to call us first! No matter what size or shape of electric forklift in Sydney you need, Mars Forklifts will find one suitable for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

● How long will an electric forklift last?
If you’re looking for an electric forklift, you must know how long the forklift will last to ensure its performance. According to our experts, a typical electric forklift lasts the same as a gas or Diesel forklift, approx. 15,000 to 20,000 hours. 

● Why should I choose an electric forklift?

  1. Environmentally conscious – electric forklifts are the most environmentally friendly of all the counterbalance forklifts. This also means a cleaner working environment for operators and other staff.
  2. Less maintenance – compared to alternatives, electric forklifts often require less maintenance. With fewer moving parts, these trucks have minimal maintenance requirements which not only reduces costs, but also minimises downtime too.
  3. Compact handling – electric forklift trucks are often smaller in size than their alternatives, making them easier to handle.
  4. Reduced noise output – some forklifts can be very noisy which is often distracting and for operators. Electric forklifts, however, are very quiet, allowing the operator to concentrate whilst also keeping those working around them safe. The noise created by other forklift types can also cause complaints from neighbours, so an electric forklift could help you avoid any disturbances.
  5. For power – despite what some think, electric forklifts offer unbeatable resilience, with undeniable toughness and incredible performance. They are a clean, adaptive and powerful alternative to engine models.
  6. Cleaner to for you and the environment – because they produce no emissions.

● Are Electric forklifts cheaper to run?
Expect lower maintenance fees as you won’t need to pay for engine tune-ups, motor oils and filter replacements. This is welcoming news that will help you to save money across the board and will leave you less dependent on fleet maintenance. Electric forklifts also have a reduced risk of major component failure resulting from someone forgetting to check the engine, transmission or radiator fluid levels, as these aren’t a part of their design. There won’t be any filters to dispose of from the engine or transmission.

● How often should I service the forklifts?
Most manufacturers recommend that forklifts must be serviced after every 200 hours of usage. However, the time span depends more on the work and site conditions. For instance, if your machines aren’t used frequently, you can perform a safety check every six months. However, if you use the equipment regularly, you must complete a safety check every three months. Conducting regular services for used forklifts in Sydney prevents any future damage to the parts of the forklift unit and saves you money in the long run.

● Can I use electric forklifts outside?
Yes! Nowadays, electric forklifts are designed with indoor and outdoor versatility providing your ground is made of a hard surface. However not all outdoor areas are suitable for electric forklifts. Before taking your electric forklift outside, Get help from the electric forklift Sydney experts to determine whether your forklift is suitable for outdoor operations.

● What are the main benefits of an electric forklift?
Lower fuel costs: One of the key benefits of electric forklifts is that they don’t require gas or petrol like some other models, making them significantly cheaper to run. All you’ll need to worry about are battery recharging costs, which are less than LPG or diesel fuel costs. This can save you thousands of dollars each year, freeing up funds for other opportunities.

Smaller turning circle: Given the typically smaller chassis length of electric forklifts, they can operate with improved driver clearance when turning and navigating through a busy site.

Aisles Widths: can be reduced in size depending on the truck types and the materials being moved allowing more rows of racking.

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