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Need a scissor lift? Find the perfect scissor lift for any situation without breaking the bank at Mars Forklifts. Our prices are some of the lowest in Australia. With our scissor lift hire, our customers are provided with outstanding visibility over all surrounding areas, better manoeuvrability which gives them a smoother ride on uneven surfaces, and high efficiency, which means less downtime

How Do We Differ?

  • Maintenance – When it comes to quality equipment, maintenance is key at Mars Forklifts. We offer customers reliable services, whether pre or post-sales, on-site or return on-site servicing, repairs or support. Our customers are always treated with great care and respect by our staff.
  • No Long-Term Contracts – You can rent a scissor lift in Sydney or buy a used forklift in Sydney without long-term contracts. This is perfect if you only need a short term forklift or don’t want an ongoing expense.
  • Save Money – Scissor lift hire in Sydney is one of the most cost-effective solutions to lift or move heavy objects – as it is much cheaper than buying one outright!
  • Buy Used – We offer high quality used scissor lifts at some of the most competitive prices on the market, as we understand it can often be difficult to find new scissor lifts at a price point that suits all budgets.
  • Fully Mobile – We can come to you any time, day or night to pick up your scissor lift rental.
  • Flexible Terms – We offer various pickup time slots, so there’s always one which suits you.
  • Safety Tested – Our scissor lifts are always checked before hire – it’s one of our most important priorities.

Gear up your business with a scissor lift hire in Sydney from Mars Forklifts. We’re happy to visit your site and provide the best scissor lift for your needs and budget. Contact us now and we’ll send over a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

● What is a scissor lift?
A scissor lift in Sydney is an industrial machine used for lifting people and equipment to elevated levels. It does so by way of extendable, scissor-like arms that swing out from the base of the lift and up to form a straight ladder-like structure in which people can stand or sit. This makes it safer for workers to move around the job site without having to walk up and down ladders or use other methods of vertical transportation.

● How can I choose the right scissor lift for my project?
Consider the following to make the right scissor lift hire in Sydney:

  1. Site location – Where you will be using the scissor lift- outside or inside?
  2. Is the ground a hard surface or uneven ground? Do you need a rough terrain lift or standard lift?
  3. What’s the maximum height that needs to be reached?

● What projects can I use a scissor lift for?
Everything from Stock takes to maintenance to carry out new work at heights.

● Are scissor lifts safe?
A scissor lift is both safe and easy to use. As long as you follow the basic safety and operator guidelines of any type of lift, you should be able to work safely and efficiently with little risk.


Scissor Lift


Scissor Lift


Scissor Lift


Scissor Lift

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