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Achieve Peak Productivity with Ready-to-Deploy Reach Trucks for Immediate Hire Safe and Efficient Choice for Material Handling


Whether you’re seeking a new level of efficiency or a seamless solution for material handling, reach trucks help in optimising available space, significantly increasing the storage capacity within a given area.

This allows you to store additional inventory without the need for costly expansion of your warehouse.

How Reach Trucks Can Help You Enhance Your Warehouse Operations

Enhancing your warehouse operations with reach trucks goes beyond mere convenience. Here are some ways in which reach trucks can improve efficiency, safety and productivity:

Increase Storage Capacity
Reach trucks capitalise on vertical space, allowing you to stack items higher within your existing warehouse footprint, maximising storage capacity.

Cost-Effective Space Utilisation
By optimising storage space, you no longer need to look for expanding your warehouse, saving you both time and money.

Seamless Manoeuvrability
The compact design of reach trucks makes it easy to navigate narrow aisles and confined spaces, ensuring every inch of your warehouse is accessible.

Increased Productivity
With the ability to access high shelves effortlessly, reach trucks make it easier and faster to retrieve stocked items, reducing downtime and streamlining operations.

Prioritising Safety
Reach trucks come equipped with safety features like anti-tip mechanisms and operator presence sensors which keep operators and staff safe.

Reduced Inventory Damage
Precise handling and controlled lifting mechanisms minimise the risk of damage to delicate or fragile items during transport.

Improved Operator Comfort
Ergonomically designed cabins and intuitive controls reduce operator fatigue, promoting longer and more productive shifts.

Energy Efficiency
Reach trucks are engineered for efficiency, featuring regenerative braking systems and programmable performance settings, conserving energy and extending battery life.

Adaptable Load Handling
From pallets to containers, reach trucks offer customisable attachments and versatile load handling capabilities, ensuring seamless integration in your operations.

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Improving Efficiency Across Diverse Industries

Reach trucks cater to the diverse needs of Australian industries with their adaptability and precision.

Warehousing and Distribution

 Reach trucks seamlessly navigate tight spaces and efficiently retrieve items from high shelves, optimising the storage and retrieval processes.

Retail and E-Commerce

Reach trucks streamline inventory management in retail settings, allowing swift restocking and organised storage, ensuring products are readily available for customers.

Manufacturing and Production

In manufacturing plants, reach trucks play an important role in managing raw materials and components, ensuring seamless assembly line operations and minimal downtime.

Food and Beverage Industry

Reach trucks efficiently manage inventory in temperature-controlled environments, supporting the timely movement of perishable goods and minimising disruptions.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

The precision and gentle handling of reach trucks are pivotal in pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities, ensuring the safe movement of delicate medical supplies and equipment.

Cold Storage Facilities

Reach trucks navigate within confined spaces of cold storage units, making them indispensable for handling products that require specific temperature conditions.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive sector, reach trucks facilitate organised storage and retrieval of components, enhancing production efficiency and reducing assembly line bottlenecks.

Logistics and Freight Handling

Reach trucks optimise load management in logistics hubs and freight terminals, expediting loading and unloading operations for various types of cargo.

Construction and Infrastructure

In construction sites, Reach Trucks efficiently transport materials to elevated work areas, facilitating a smoother construction process.

Wholesale and Bulk Storage

For wholesalers managing large quantities of goods, reach trucks offer swift and precise stock movement, ensuring effective inventory management.

Waste Management and Recycling

Reach trucks facilitate the organised movement of materials in waste management and recycling facilities, contributing to efficient sorting and disposal processes.

Textile and Fashion Industry

Reach trucks manage the intricate logistics of textile and fashion warehouses, ensuring timely access to products and minimising handling damages.

Our Range of High-Performance Electric Forklifts Available for Hire

Why Hire Reach Trucks from Mars?

At Mars Forklifts, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of both new and gently-used reach trucks.

Here’s what makes us the preferred choice for hiring reach trucks.

Immediate Availability, Maximum Convenience
We take pride in offering an extensive range of new and gently-used reach trucks and warehouse equipment, all directly available from our floor stock. No waiting, no delays – just immediate solutions for your material handling requirements.
Scaling Heights, Elevating Efficiency
Our reach trucks aren't just tools. They are performance boosters. Capable of lifting loads up to 10.5 metres, our equipment empowers your operations to new heights of efficiency.
Unmatched Service Commitment
What truly differentiates us is our unwavering commitment to service excellence. We go beyond industry norms, ensuring your experience with us is seamless and hassle-free, right from the moment you engage with us.
Ready for Immediate Deployment
While other forklift providers may require factory orders for new reach trucks with lead times stretching from 18 to 24 months, we can offer brand-new reach trucks and warehouse equipment within a significantly shorter time frame of just 4 to 6 months. Your timeline matters to us, and we ensure your needs are met promptly.
Frustration-Free Solutions
If you're feeling frustrated by your current forklift supplier's limitations, it's time to make the switch to Mars Forklifts. We pride ourselves on maintaining a consistent inventory of reach trucks, stock pickers, and pallet runners – all primed and ready for your immediate hiring needs. We understand the value of hassle-free operations, and our team is here to provide you with solutions that align with your requirements, minus the complications. As industry leaders, we're committed to delivering solutions that exceed your expectations, offering you the tools to reach new heights of productivity.

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