Forklifts Menai

Forklifts Menai

Business owners know the struggle of maneuvering heavy inventory around the workplace. 
There are certain pieces of equipment that every Menai business needs. A forklift is one of these pieces of equipment. Forklifts help make lifting and moving large items simple and easy. 
Mars Forklifts is a leading provider of forklifts in Menai and its surrounding areas. With decades of experience, our expert team can help you find the appropriate lifting machine to suit your company’s needs. We work with a wide variety of local Menai businesses each year to improve their work efficiency and productivity.

The Best Forklift Hire in Menai

We pride ourselves on our expansive selection of forklifts and scissor lifts. Whatever your use is for our equipment, we can help you accomplish your goals. 
Forklifts make life easier for your warehouse workers. Without proper equipment, hauling around inventory is a multi-person job that consumes a lot of time. We help your Menai business be more efficient and productive with an advanced tool that a licensed forklift operator can maneuver easily. 
With a forklift, you can free up employees time to work on more productive tasks. 
Forklifts also provide several financial benefits to your organisation. The nature of renting allows you to save money that you would spend on purchasing brand new equipment. By renting a forklift, you only pay for the amount of time you use it. Plus, renting commercial equipment is deductible from your year-end business taxes.
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What makes us the best forklift hire in Menai is our dedication to solving the productivity issues of our customer’s businesses. Our top-of-the-line equipment is multi-functional and will help your warehouse staff immensely. 
Plus, our prices are competitive with every rental service in Menai. The difference with us is we take the time to recommend the best forklift to solve your specific workplace problems. 
Mars Forklifts provides advanced, fully operational forklifts in Menai. We offer both short-term and long-term rentals, offering valuable solutions for a variety of projects. 
If you are keen to enquire about our rental prices, give us a call at 1300 736 231. We’ll help you find the most practical lifting machine for your needs!

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