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Second Hand Forklifts For Sale

Are you looking for high-quality yet used forklifts? Your search ends with Mars Forklifts — Australia’s number one 2nd hand forklifts retailer. With over 300 units available for sale, we showcase a wide range of forklifts and scissor lifts. We understand that every customer is different. So are their buying needs. Mars Forklift has the best solution if you require one or a whole fleet of forklifts. We are warehousing experts

Reach Trucks, Stock Pickers, Pallet Runners, Walkie reaches, stackers, Electric Counterbalance, Gas Trucks, Diesel Trucks, Man Lifters and Scissor lifts, and we have them all. Too many to showcase below, so Call us on 1300736231, and our friendly staff will gladly help you find the one you need.

Buy Used Toyota, Electric & Crown Forklifts

Looking for the best quality used forklifts for sale in NSW? We’ve got you covered! Used Toyota forklift from Mars Forklifts at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality or service. Our experienced team of technicians will ensure your used forklifts in Sydney are always working efficiently and safely, so no matter what you’re transporting, we’ll ensure it’s not at risk whether a small electric forklift or a giant truck-mounted forklift, all our used forklifts transporting in Sydney are competitively priced against the industry average while still being excellent value!

Our team is fully trained in all aspects of forklift operation and maintenance. When refurbishing a forklift, we go through every component from top to bottom, replacing any worn parts necessary before repainting with a fresh coat of paint and adding new stickers.

At Mars Forklifts, we have a wide range of second-hand forklifts for sale in Sydney that perfectly match your requirements. We have everything that works and presents as new, from entry-level to fully refurbished late-model forklifts. In addition, our trained technicians are always available to perform maintenance checks or repairs to ensure our second-hand electric forklifts for sale are in good working condition.

Mars Warranty Plan

When you purchase second-hand forklifts from our Sydney locations, you will be protected by a Mars Warranty plan. The warranty plan differs depending on the equipment purchased.

Choose Us for Second Hand Forklifts

For over 50 years, Mars Forklifts has been designing custom solutions that are cost-effective and tailor-made for your needs. We can provide forklift hire or used electric forklift rental across Australia at any time of the day or week, so there are no extra charges for weekends or public holidays. All forklifts are inspected before delivery to ensure safety while operating our machinery.

We are proud to provide used crown forklifts at great prices! Find out which forklift suits your needs by calling us on 1300 736 231.

Frequently Asked Questions

● What’s the cost of used forklifts for sale in NSW?
There is no predetermined cost of used forklifts for sale in NSW locations. However, multiple factors affect the cost and value of used forklifts.

  1. The forklifts manufactured with better technology provide top performance compared to their counterparts.
  2. Load capacity and lift power
  3. Engine type
  4. Type of tires
  5. Number of hours the forklift is used
  6. Supply and demand

● Should I buy a used forklift with a warranty?
Warranties can be beneficial when you buy used forklifts in Sydney that are older and more beaten up because they may require high maintenance in the future. But keep in mind purchasing used forklifts with warranties may cause the price to rise as it provides bountiful benefits later. If your used forklift comes with a warranty, it’s wise to consider it because it can insure parts of the machine for up to the remainder of its life.

● How do I know what repairs were done on the used forklifts for sale in Sydney before?
Generally, acquiring information on the repair history or any previous malfunctioning problems in the device is difficult. But, when you buy a used forklift from a reputable dealer or company, they will be more likely to keep track of all the repairs done and explain to you the history of the use of the machine and any problems it may have had throughout its life.

           How to find out how ‘used’ the forklift is?
When looking for a used Toyota forklift, check the usage hours. Even a newer forklift overused without routine maintenance can impact the device’s longevity. So, before making the purchase, gather information on how often it was used and what types of loads it carried. Also, make sure that the clock readings match the usage hours displayed on the machine.


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